Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Galaxy Theme/Kawaii Coffee Cups

Hey, everyone! I have been making a lot of new stickers lightly. So, my goal for the next month or so, is to post a blog every week. In each blog post I'll have a new weekly kit and one new functional type stickers. 

 Today's theme: Galaxy

Click here for the HP pdf.
Click here for the ECLP pdf.

** I do not claim any rights too the pictures, all credit goes to the creators of the pictures** 

Part Two of Galaxy theme: 

Click here for HP pdf.
Click here for ECLP pdf.

Here's the galaxy theme in action:

Functional Stickers: Kawaii To Go Coffee Cups.

Click here for the pdf.

I hope you guys enjoy! Please don't forget to tag me on Instagram @eveybodywantstoplan_ or on my Facebook  group.


  1. Awesome, thank you very much!!

  2. YAY! Im so glad you're back! Love this kit

  3. I love these kits! Thank you so much for creating awesome kits for FREE!!! Love it!

  4. Thanks so much - love all of this!

    1. You're welcome! I'm glad you like them! :)