Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Themes!

Hey everyone!

If you noticed the theme layout looks a little different, that's cause it is! I was trying out different layouts and I found that this layout out gave me the room to add a lot more things to my spread.

I hope you like it!

Theme #1: 
Purple, Blue, Grey. (part 1)

Click here for the HP pdf.
Click here for the EC pdf.

Purple, Blue, Grey. (Part 2)

Click here for HP pdf.
Click here for EC pdf.

Theme #2: 
Mint and pink. (Part 1)

Click here for HP pdf.
Click here for EC pdf.

Mint and Pink. (Part 2)

Click here for HP pdf.
Click here for EC pdf.

Functional Stickers:

Bill Due Stickers:

Click here for Dark colour pdf.
Click here for Pastel/bright colour pdf. (sorry I don't have a picture of these)

These will fit both HP or EC. 

Gas Stickers:

Click here 

Hope you enjoy. 

If you use these themes please don't forget to tag me on facebook or on instagram @everybodywantstoplan_

** If you have any problems downloading or printing please let me know.**


  1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate the gas ones!!!! Only request would be as I mentioned for silhouette owners - just little less on page so there is room for registration marks because I am new to silhouette and little more space between images :) thank you either way, this is a ton of work and I appreciate it all!!!